(UROP) Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Florida State University provides high-achieving students an engaging community with the flexibility and funding opportunities to explore their full range of interests. Our award-winning professors focus on student success with opportunities such as undergraduate research, which launches students into the fascinating world of a research university. Watch the video and picture yourself immersing in a culture which prizes academic excellence. This page is for Undergraduate Students, click here if you are Faculty/Postdoc/Graduate Student/Industry or other Research Mentor for more information.

Applications for starting UROP in Fall 2023 are now open (link below)!


Application deadline of May 1, 2023!

(for incoming 1st year students and rising 2nd years)

Transfer student deadline of July 1, 2023


A Look At UROP And How To
Work In Your Field Before You Graduate

Check out this video about what sets UROP students apart.


How To Participate And
What Makes Up The UROP Experience

Join a community of hundreds of first and second-year student researchers and UROP alumni, including discipline-specific, transfer, and student-veteran cohorts

  • Explore academic and career interests through faculty and graduate student mentorship, all while learning to think in creative and innovative ways
  • Choose from hundreds of projects representing all areas of study, including fine arts, humanities, sciences, medicine, engineering, business, and social sciences, including the freedom to engage research outside of your proposed, or declared, field of study
  • Join an established researcher or team, with the ability to collect and analyze data, co-author, present findings at conferences, and make other important contributions
  • Gain hands-on knowledge and application of research principles, a competitive and tangible asset for graduate and professional school applications, and an attractive skillset for future employers.

Program Components

Students' participation in UROP consists of three, interconnected components. By clicking on each of the individual components below, future UROP participants can learn more about each of the program's modules.

  1. The Colloquium
  2. The Assistantship
  3. The Presentation

Inquiry, investigation, and discovery are at the heart of Florida State's mission. Every faculty member is engaged in groundbreaking original scholarship, and as an undergraduate, you can join faculty in their work in laboratories, libraries, studios, and beyond. Imagine how you can connect your classroom learning and intellectual interests as you work with faculty members, Ph.D. students, and startup companies on research and creative projects.


UROP is open to first- and second-year undergraduates and transfer students in all majors and requires a two-semester commitment lasting from Fall 2023 through Spring 2024. We expect to accept up to 550 students for the Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 academic year. In the past, UROP Colloquium classes have been generally scheduled within three time slots, 3:05 to 4:05 p.m., 4:50 to 5:50 p.m., or 6:35 to 7:35 p.m. every other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

For any UROP questions, please contact cre@fsu.edu. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
Provides Continuous Involvement Opportunities

We obtain feedback frequently about UROP, and we often hear that our student-leaders have a positive impact on participants' discovery and exploration of research. Additionally, our students regularly speak of the UROP staff, faculty mentors, and their peer researchers as a family, and the program provides an opportunity for continuous involvement from your first day at FSU until graduation.

UROP eased my integration into Florida State University's research community by facilitating conversations with prominent faculty members, encouraging collaboration with peers, and ensuring the success of my pursuits in undergraduate research. As a veteran, a transfer student, and a UROP member, I strongly believe this program has a genuine mission to enrich the education of participating students. 

 -Daniel Hubbard, Transfer/Veteran UROP Student

After completing the UROP program, previous students have the opportunity to continue on as UROP Leaders, and even beyond that as leaders of leaders, or UROP Leader Mentors. Besides a great letter of recommendation, our program provides continuity of involvement, with the opportunity for increasing levels of responsibility, a tremendous asset in today's competitive job market. UROP Leader Mentors Joe Accardo, Alexa Pennavaria, Jeff Edelstein and Victoria Sunnergren have been able to utilize their own positive UROP experiences to inspire a new generation of undergraduate researchers.

Meet Joe and Alexa
Meet Jeff and Victoria 

We Aren't Kidding
Undergraduate Research Can Take You To Cool Places!

If you are considering Florida State University,  watch the below video. The billion-dollar capital campaign Raise the Torch truly captures the spirit of FSU. One of our former undergraduate researchers, Dan Stribling, is featured talking about his work with Nobel Laureate and FSU Professor, Sir Harry Kroto.

Raise The Torch from Frame on Vimeo.

More Resources For UROP

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