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Oral Presentation, 7:35PM-7:50PM, Ballroom A-B
E. esperance: Genetically Engineering E. coli as a Therapeutic Option for Trimethylaminuria
Supervising Professor: Dr. Cesar Rodriguez and David Montez
Leadership Team:
Elizabeth Moore (Team Lead)
Saiabhinav Devulapalli (Associate Team Lead)
Jolene Jones (Entrepreneurship Co-lead)
John Amos (Entrepreneurship Co-lead)
Prerna Ravinder (Digital Media Lead)
Human Practices Sub-team:
Colton Keib
Christian Suastegui
Design Sub-team:
Eva Lobaton (Design Lead)
Vicenzo Devito
Talia Valentine
Build Sub-team:
Graeme Pugsley (Build Lead)
Hanna Yilmaz-Rodriguez
Sonali Shakya


Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), otherwise known as fishy odor syndrome, is classified as Autosomal Recessive. The specific gene associated with TMAU is the FMO3 gene, which encodes the FMO3 enzyme. Individuals with TMAU, have a mutation in both copies of the FMO3 gene, leading to a deficiency or malfunction of the FMO3 enzyme. As a result, they are unable to properly metabolize TMA, leading to its buildup in the body and the characteristic foul odor associated with the condition. The detection of the foul odor is due to the body excreting excess TMA through bodily fluids such as urine and sweat.
E. Esperance, as mentioned, serves as a Probiotic that will express an enzyme that oxidizes Trimethylamine (TMA) to Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). How this works is very simple. All the patient has to do is take the probiotic pill orally roughly 2 hours before a meal, and the science will do its job. The pill is coated with Alginate, which resists the strong, & low pH of the stomach. Once it enters the Small intestine, the pill will begin to dissolve. We are also exploring the possibility of a liquid probiotic supplement similar to the company ZBiotics. Once dissolved, E. Esperance will then begin to express TMM, which can oxidize TMA into TMAO. Now, the patient can consume a meal, and TMA accumulation levels should decrease as the TMM enzyme binds to TMA, causing a conformational change that results in TMAO.

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