President's Showcase

Jaylin Green

Poster Presentation, Ballroom D
Ethics in Ecotourism
Supervising Professor: David Montez
Jaylin Green is a senior studying Jazz Performance, specifically playing saxophone. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and its potential to help the environment, with a focus on sustainable agriculture. Jaylin has used many opportunities outside the classroom to further his passion for the environment. Previously, he participated in the Global Scholars program where he interned with Marine Conservation Philippines, an NGO in Zamboanguita, as a scientific diver. He also became a Sustainability Fellow with FSU's Sustainable Campus office where he worked with Citizens for a Sustainable Future, a Tallahassee-based organization that raises awareness within African American communities about cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.


This research project is a qualitative analysis on the ethical consideration of ecotourism businesses, their impacts, and their outcomes from the lens of entrepreneurs and their customer base’s interactions with their environment. Ecotourism is being defined as tourism and outdoor activities with a focus of immersion and observation of natural environments. It is important to be accurate with the use of this description as not all outdoor activities qualify. Using this definition, qualitative research, and literature review, the purpose of this analysis is to determine how entrepreneurs have influenced environmental change, and when this change is appropriate.

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