President's Showcase

Justin Nightshade

Poster Presentation, Ballroom D
Evergreen Plantation: Artifacts of the Past
Supervising Professor: Dr. Jayur Mehta
Justin Nightshade was born in and grew up in the small town of Bonita Springs, Florida. Though he came to FSU as a Creative Writing student, he discovered an interest in archaeology his first year. The reason he chose this project was because it was based in a part of Louisiana that his family is from, making it something near and dear to his heart. Justin is hoping to continue his studies in archaeology and use what he learned to make a real impact in present-day communities.


The project that the researcher was working on over the summer was a part of an archaeological program in Louisiana. Through the Institute of Field Research, the researcher spent five weeks working at Evergreen Plantation, assisting in excavating test sites and analyzing the artifacts that were found. The purpose of the project was to, essentially, take the artifacts that were found on the site and hypothesize how they might have been used by the people who used to live in the cabins. Through the experience, the researcher was able to connect with the local population near Evergreen Plantation and see the impact that their work had on the current-day descendants of those who used to live in the cabins.

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