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Andrew Lodge

Poster Presentation, Ballroom D
Can Virtue Alignment Save Lives? Investigating the Relationships between Virtue and Suicide-Relevant Constructs
Supervising Professor: Dr. Thomas Joiner
Andrew is a fourth-year student pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Statistics with minors in Mathematics and General Business. While at FSU, Andrew has been involved with research as a clinical psychology undergraduate research assistant, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) student, and UROP Leader. Andrew is also passionate about his involvement in University Housing as a Lead Desk Assistant and former Resident Assistant. When he’s not in class, Andrew enjoys thrifting, reading, or checking out the newest coffee shop in town. Andrew has a passion for research, and he hopes to continue his research by pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology after graduating this fall.


Virtues are pillars of our society, establishing the rules and norms that we live by while also shaping human behavior. Suicidality, defined as tendencies toward and engagement in various suicidal thoughts and behaviors, continues to be an area of clinical interest and continued concern as deaths by suicide remain high and suicide-related suffering continues to be a burden on individuals. While prior research suggests that virtue may be useful in the treatment of mental illness, the empirical measurement and investigation of virtue as a construct is severely lacking. My research aims to establish a set of objective virtues and test the relationships between these virtues and suicidal outcomes through a cross-sectional survey study. Linear regression and correlation analysis will be utilized to evaluate these data and the extent of the relationship between virtue and suicidality. I aim to utilize this research to aid the development of novel clinical techniques centered around virtue-alignment to ultimately improve current treatment of suicide-related conditions and behaviors, as well as psychopathology broadly.

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