President's Showcase

Bronson Leiro

Poster Presentation, Ballroom D
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Robert and Mary Frappier Undergraduate Research Award

Durban Grove [ Version 0 ]
Supervising Professor: Prof. Tra Bouscaren
Bronson Leiro is a senior in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio Art program. Primarily interested in filmmaking, he plans to incorporate multiple avenues of expression into cinematic experiences. He prioritizes healthy, sustainable creative processes. Much of his research pertains to finding and creating environmentally safe alternatives to the toxic materials previously used in his creations.


This research project tackles the challenge of sustainability and toxicity in sculpture materials, with a focus on finding an alternative to concrete due to its harmful ingredients and environmental impact. Utilizing concrete exposes the maker to harmful substances and its future disposal will leach chemicals into the environment; along with the pollution already created from mining its components. Through extensive research, an innovative solution emerged: a novel material composed entirely of oyster shells. Although untested for construction, it proved structurally robust for sculptures, offering safety and eco friendliness in disposal and a healthier work environment. Further exploration revealed materials like concrete made from wood ash; intentionally impermanent, it is not only safe for the environment but beneficial. Plans are being processed to infuse wood ash concrete sculptures with native seeds and nutrients. The idea being that these sculptures will serve as art installations for limited time up-close viewing, to then be taken by the elements. My first intention was to make sure my sculptures did not harm the environment, and this has now evolved into works that can benefit the environment. Through the support of the IDEA Grant, great insight has been reached regarding responsible artistic creation, transforming the process into one that respects personal well-being and contributes positively to the environment.

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