Undergraduate Law Review at FSU

Founded in 1996 and re-established in 2020, the Undergraduate Law Review at Florida State University strives to connect students and empower them to dive deeper into current legal topics and legal discourse. 

The Undergraduate Law Review consists of editors, writers, and an executive board. A digital journal consisting of legal-related articles is published once a semester. Throughout the semester, editors and writers work together to perfect their peers’ writing and ensure it is logically coherent and well-supported with sources. 

The ULR hosts monthly meetings to discuss the publication’s progress and guide the writers and editors in their work. Meetings also feature guest speakers from the legal profession, including professors of law and members of the FSU law school’s law review.


Any questions can be directed to us via email at ulr.fsu@gmail.com. Check out our website for more information and to read our past publications: https://ulrfsu.wixsite.com/home. You can also access our LinkTree here: https://linktr.ee/ulrfsu.


2024- 2025 Executive Board


Anya Finley, President and Editor in Chief

Madelyn Luther, Vice President and Executive Editor

J. Pace Browne, Treasurer


Valiant Broussard, Historian and Web Designer

Alyssa Robinson, Secretary

The Undergraduate Law Review at FSU is a student organization and is not under the direct supervision of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement.