Research Symposium

22nd annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Kennesha Brown Poster Session 1: 9:00-9:45/Poster #5



Hi, my name is Kennesha. I am from Jacksonville, FL and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Applied Mathematics. My goals for after graduating is to go to graduate school to receive my Masters in Applied Mathematics. Moreover, after receiving my Masters I hope to become an Operations Research Analyst.

Analyzing Tallahassee's Historical Climate Data to Understand Climate Trends

Authors: Kennesha Brown, Emily Powell
Student Major: Applied Math
Mentor: Emily Powell
Mentor's Department: The Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science (EOAS)
Mentor's College: Center of Ocean Atmospheric Predictions Study


This project involved becoming familiar with sources of climate data and plotting and analyzing this data. This included downloading and formatting station data for Tallahassee, Florida, including temperature and precipitation data. Next, I utilized Excel to plot and describe the distribution of precipitation data and general trends for Tallahassee over the period of record from 1940-2021 explored the data further using statistical techniques to describe significant trends, variability, and correlations. Finally, an analysis will be conducted using Python, a powerful general purpose computer programming language commonly used in climate and meteorology research. ​

Keywords: Historical, Climate, Trends