Research Symposium

24th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 3, 2024

Jake Hopp Poster Session 2: 10:45 am - 11:45 am/290



I am a sophomore meteorology student from Northern Virginia and plan on getting my master's in atmospheric science after I complete my undergraduate studies. After completing schooling, I hope to work with the National Weather Service. In my free time, I like to go hiking, running, and play basketball.

Assessing Future Heat Wave Patterns in India: Insights from a High-Resolution Regional Climate Model​

Authors: Jake Hopp, Jayasankar Balasubramann
Student Major: Meteorology
Mentor: Jayasankar Balasubramann
Mentor's Department: Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science Department
Mentor's College: College of Arts and Sciences


This research investigates the impact of climate change on heat wave patterns in India from the late 20th century (1986-2005) to the mid-21st century (2041-2060). Utilizing 20-km resolution regional climate model simulations, we estimate the projected changes in the timing, duration, and frequency of 1 to 5-day heat wave events. We utilize two heat wave indices, HI14 and HI15, where a heat wave is defined as the daily highest heat index surpassing 90°F for HI14 and 105°F for HI15. Results indicate a projected future shift towards earlier onset, and later demise of heat waves, implying an expansion of the season of their occurrence. In addition, the frequency of heat waves is expected to increase in the future. This study highlights the pressing need for adaptation in India, as increasingly severe and prolonged heat waves threaten agriculture, water resources, and public health. Policymakers can use these insights to mitigate climate change impacts on vulnerable areas.

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Keywords: Meteorology Climate Change Atmospheric Science