Global Scholars Program

FSU's Global Scholars program has been relaunched and is recruiting for the 2021 cohort! Please read the description of the new direction for the program below!

Applications are currently closed and will re-open during the Fall 2021 semester. Follow the CRE newsletters and social media for updates!

For more detailed information, check out our Extended Program Description and watch a recorded Info Session.

To learn more about the Global Scholars experience, check out the testimonials from the 2020 cohort below and their blogs

If you have any other questions please email CRE Associate Director for Global Programming, Warren Oliver (, or schedule a meeting with him via Campus Connect.

The FSU Global Scholars program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to engage with critical questions about social impact, social justice, and social change through a combination of cohort-based online learning and independent research, internship, and/or service-learning experiences.

The program provides students with guidance and support as they pursue their own student-designed learning experiences.  In the context of this program for 2021, ‘student-designed experiences’ might include:

  • An online internship with a social impact organization (in the US or abroad)
  • An in-person internship with a social impact organization (in the US only)
  • A self-directed research project focused on a social issue of your choosing in your local context

Please note that for 2021, the FSU Global Scholars program will not support international travel. However, the program retains its strong ‘global’ focus by helping students situate their internship and research experiences in relation to broader global issues, interconnections, and histories.

The Global Scholars program does not directly sanction these student-designed learning experiences. Rather, the Global Scholars Program provides peer community, mentorship, curriculum, and a structure for ongoing intellectual inquiry as students pursue experiences that align with their own interests, goals, budgets, and timelines. As such, the program provides a uniquely accessible and affordable pathway through which FSU students can engage with independent opportunities for learning and professional development.

Deadlines, Costs, and Application Details

The total fee for participating in this program is $500 for the Omprakash EdGE Network Membership fee; and you will need to pay for 2 credit hours, one respectively for the theory and reflection courses. Grants are available from FSU and from Omprakash. FSU and Omprakash will each offer 10 full grants, and Omprakash will offer additional partial grants to applicants with financial need. However, other fees, such as external program fees (depending on your choice of summer experience) and cost of living, must be paid by the Global Scholar. The theory course will focus how to develop a budget to make sure that Global Scholars are aware of these costs.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive an Omprakash EdGE certificate and 1 academic credit for the theory and reflection courses. During the summer, students may earn additional credit (up to 6 credits) in the form of Internships or Directed Independent Study. Additionally, if approved through the university's Experience Recognition Process (ERP), students can use their experience for the formative experience requirement for graduation.

Sample application process (taken from the 2021 program):

October 12th-November 10th: Remote Info Sessions for Interested Applicants (see details above)
November 15, 2020: Application Deadline
    November 20, 2020: Accepted Global Scholars notified (including scholarship recipients)
    December 1, 2020: Remote Info Session for accepted Global Scholars
    December 10, 2020: Confirmation date for students’ place in programs
    December 20, 2020: $150 deposit due
    January 20, 2021: Remaining program fee due

Program Elements

The program consists of a theory (spring) course and a reflection (fall) course, both of which are hybrid courses and explore the ethical and political complexities of attempting to ‘do good’ or ‘help others’ while crossing significant differences of culture and power. The program also introduces students to qualitative, community-based research paradigms and provides space for reflecting on larger questions about power, privilege, inequality, and diversity. Between these courses, students are asked to put these ideas and skills into practice through a (Summer) experience. 

The Global Scholars program combines the following core elements:

  • Peer-to-peer learning and personalized mentorship within the Omprakash EdGE online learning ecosystem
  • Curriculum 'concentrations' in thematic areas including Education & Social Change, Global Health, Environmental Justice, Disabilities in Global Context, Human Rights, Migration & Borders, and Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Periodic webinars and group calls to support community-building and critical reflection
  • Ongoing dialogue and contemplation about your own location within global flows of power and resources — and the implications of this positionality within the context of COVID-19 and your current life trajectory  
  • Support for designing and executing a student-designed learning experience which becomes the basis for your digital storytelling and final digital portfolio
  • Digital storytelling to document ongoing reflection throughout student-designed learning experience; eventual creation of a digital portfolio to share with loved ones as well as future employers or admissions officers

Testimonials from 2020 Global Scholars

Though I was not expecting to have a culturally immersive experience abroad this summer, during the first month of my remote internship, I have learned a lot more than I expected. The interactions I have had through a screen have allowed me to understand more about the United States from the point of view of others.
- Alexa Scalchunes (International Affairs Freshman)

I enjoyed the references to the past mistakes that were made. We can only move forward and EdGE clearly explains how to go about making effective and intentional impacts without taking all matters into your hands, but incorporating your service to benefit all parties.
- Jonathan Martinez (Studio Art Junior)  

I honestly loved a lot of things about EdGE. I think one of the best parts was being able to have a mentor. He told me so much about his experiences and really inspired me. I think it is so great to talk with someone who has already had the experience and can tell you what they went through.
- Heather Peebles (International Affairs & Media Communications Freshman)  

The readings were probably my favorite because they provided me with insight into many things I had never thought about. I have been abroad many times before but had never thought about some really good points that were brought up to me during this time. Additionally, some of the content challenged my viewpoints and now help me see things from a different perspective.
- Alejandra "Elaine" Pena (International Affairs Junior with an Education minor)


Potential Ideas for Global Scholar Experiences

Global Scholars make plans for their summer experiences during spring. Students are free to design their experiences as they see fit, as long as they fit within FSU's wider policies. Additionally, students learn about travel safety and how to develop a budget for their experience during the spring course. With this in mind, the Global Scholars program offers students a wide range of resources for identifying opportunities for student-designed learning experiences, which might include:

It should be noted that if a student does not know what they want to do before the program (or if those plans change), it is ok. Developing the ideal experience for their situation is part of the Global Scholars process and a major component of the spring theory course.

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