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The Florida State University
Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement
<p class='flashheadline'>Welcome to the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement </p><p class='flashsubtitle'></p><p><a href='/News/Welcome-to-the-Center-for-Undergraduate-Research-and-Academic-Engagement' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Congratulations to our Summer 2014 Donor Sponsored Research Award Winners</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Supporting Undergraduate Research for a better future</p><p><a href='/News/Donor-Sponsored-Research-Award-Winners' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>FSU Undergraduate Researchers Win at Tribeta Biological Honor Society National Convention </p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Convention offers student members a chance to report their important research </p><p><a href='/News/FSU-Undergraduate-Researchers-Win-at-Tribeta-Biological-Honor-Society-National-Convention' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>The Honors, Scholars and Fellows House</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Take a video tour of our new facility</p><p><a href='/News/Honors-Scholars-and-Fellows-House' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Partner with our excellent faculty as research assistants.</p><p><a href='/News/Undergraduate-Research-Opportunity-Program' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p>

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

UROP offers a rare opportunity for first- and second-year students to partner with our excellent faculty as research assistants.

Global Scholars Program

The FSU Global Scholars program helps students secure summer internships at nonprofit organizations in developing countries around the world.

Give to Undergraduate Research

We are striving to create well prepared and critically thinking global citizens. Please help us invest in these students by donating through the FSU Foundation. Click here and designate “Undergraduate Research Fund” to support our students in their efforts to discover and serve.


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