The purpose and outcomes of UROP go beyond providing assistance to faculty or introducing students to research. By engaging students and faculty in the university's main missions - teaching and research - in a way that gives students one-on-one access to faculty and gives faculty access to the next generation of researchers, the entire university culture benefits.

A large body of scholarship suggests that programs like UROP have a strong impact on undergraduate education, retention, GPA, and graduation rates. The University of Michigan has conducted their own studies on the effects of their UROP program (on which our program draws as a model), the results of which can be seen here.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement and the Division of Undergraduate Studies expect UROP to directly contribute to

  1. Retention, as outlined in the Michigan study,
  2. Recruitment, by offering a student experience unique in the state of Florida,
  3. Reputation, through presentations at conferences and peer perception of the program, and
  4. Rankings, by investing in our undergraduate education and academic culture.

Please see some of these studies for analyses on the benefits of programs like UROP:

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