The Colloquium

What is research, why does it matter, and how will it help you? The UROP Colloquium is a training course that seeks to answer these questions for UROP students. The Colloquium will be led by your UROP Leader, an undergraduate student experienced in research, and will offer you support in learning about research, finding and contributing to a faculty project, and presenting your work.

You will meet for your research colloquium once every two weeks for Fall and Spring semesters. This one-credit-hour pass/fail course is designed to introduce you to research and offer ongoing support through your participation in UROP. You are fully responsible for tuition and course fees for the UROP Colloquium. In the Colloquium, you will discuss and engage with research topics, meet and hear from prestigious guest speakers, and learn hands-on at skill-building workshops.

By the end of the academic year and the Colloquium, UROP students will be able to:

  • Define research and identify its role in the world
  • Identify basic research designs and methods
  • Read and review peer-reviewed articles
  • Identify ethical concerns regarding research integrity and responsibility
  • Write a research abstract
  • Present their research in an academic/research setting
  • Engage with a faculty member in a research setting.

Through the colloquium, you should feel prepared and empowered to contribute substantially to your research project and present a poster reflecting your research endeavors during the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring.

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