Once you've decided

Once you’ve decided you want to help with a research or a creative project

  • Apply to UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) to work with a research mentor and attend biweekly classes for guidance and support (Applications due May 1st for current high school seniors and 1st year FSU students; July 1st for transfer students).
  • Ask a faculty member/graduate student to assist with her/his research.
  • Set up a meeting to discuss your interest in research with faculty members/graduate students and explain how you would like to contribute to their work. Go to different FSU department websites and read the research of different faculty members (see here for an example of a department page). You can e-mail them, or stop by during their office hours.
  • Most importantly, have a plan about what you want to tell the potential faculty mentor and questions you want to ask. Read a few of their recent publications (you can access them for free online through the FSU Library). If they don’t need an undergraduate research assistant, ask if they know someone who does!
  • Explore off-campus research opportunities. Many universities and companies offer research internships (especially in the summer).

We’re here to help

  • Set-up an appointment to talk to a member of our staff about which options are right for you!
  • E-mail Alicia Batailles at alicia.batailles@fsu.edu for an advising appointment or go to https://aliciacrefsu.youcanbook.me/